Urban Elevation Pack

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Introducing the Urban Elevation Pack, a collection of +30 urban elevation illustrations meticulously designed to bring your architectural visions to life. Forget about generic visuals; with illustrations that include everything from trees to traffic cones, wooden benches to graffiti, this pack adds a touch of realism and charm to your designs.

These urban elements are provided in an extensive array of formats, including AUTOCAD, Illustrator, Photoshop, PNG, Procreate Brushes, and SVG. Whether you're working in AutoCAD or experimenting in Illustrator, these illustrations will easily find a home in your workflow.

And guess what? We've broken down the Urban Elevation Pack into three tailored tiers:

  • Tier one offers Photoshop and Procreate brushes, embracing the artistic side of architectural representation.
  • Tier two includes CAD, ILLUSTRATOR, PHOTOSHOP, PNG files, all about the details and precision.
  • Tier three combines everything, for the ones who want to command the entire urban orchestra.

From pigeons perching on lamp posts to the hustle and bustle of bus stops, from the soft glow of lanterns to the savory allure of food carts, our elevation illustrations are not only rich in detail but also user-friendly. Imagine a motorbike parked next to a fire hydrant, or a wooden bench beside a trash can. These aren't mere details; they're storytelling elements that breathe life into your urban scenes.

Format: AUTOCAD, Illustrator, Photoshop, PNG, Procreate Brushes, Photoshop Brushes, SVG

Technical details: All illustrations are resizable, making customization a breeze. Change colors, adjust shapes, and integrate these urban marvels into your projects with ease. With the Urban Elevation Pack, your architectural presentations will feel like a stroll down a lively city street, minus the pigeon droppings, of course!


By purchasing any files/photos/PSDs from Show it Better you are acquiring a Single Person Use license, whether it's for a personal or commercial project.

This is the license that allows you to incorporate purchased photos/files into your own concept designs/files/PSDs, including for use for commercial projects. This is NOT an agreement of ownership. This license is non-transferable. If you do not agree to the terms, you are not permitted to use the files. Purchasing the files doesn't allow you to resell them unaltered 'as is' to any 3rd party without incorporating them into your own unique designs/images/visualizations.

You may not rent, lease, sublicense, distribute, lend nor transfer photos 'as is' in their original unaltered form without prior written consent from Show it Better

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36 meticulously crafted elevation illustrations, including elements like trees, lamp posts, and motorbikes, in formats such as AI. PSD, PNG, SVG and others, providing architects with an authentic and diverse toolkit to elevate their urban design presentations.

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Urban Elevation Pack

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